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Blox-OA Powder
Broad Spectrum Toxin binder fortified with Buffered Organic Acids and MOS.
Blox-OA Powder
 • Broad spectrum of activity
 •  Controls mould growth in feed
 •  Preserves feed nutritive value
 •  High stability over a wide pH range
 •  Doesn't bind with nutrients
 •  Well distributed in the feed

 • Buffered Organic Acids (BOA)
 • Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Silicate (HSCAS)
 • Mannan Oligo Saccharide (MOS)
 • Activated Charcoal (AC)

Buffered Organic Acids
 •  Short chain Organic acids (C1 to C7)
 • Blend of acids more effective in preventing Mould growth
 • Propionic acid is the best mold inhibitor
 • Provides acidic medium in the gut and controls pathogens
 • Prevents further toxin formation in the feed
 •  Minimizes toxin absorption in the body
 • Improves feed storage quality
 • Improves Immunity
 • Enhances gut health
 • Improves performance and productivity
 • Reduces production cost
 • Improves intestinal micro flora
 • Improves feed palatability

Mixing Ratio
 • Up to 12 % moisture - 500 gm per tonne of feed
 • Above 12 % moisture - 1 - 2 Kg per tonne of feed depending upon the moisture content or as per the advice of the Veterinarian

 • 25 Kg laminated plastic bags

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