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TTK Healthcare is committed to providing customers with innovative "value for money" solutions and improving their quality of life.

The Company's brand wagon consists of products that are sought after by a wide range of customers. The Woodward's Gripe Water brand is the market leader in the baby care category. The Eva range of personal care products (Talc, Deodorant, Skincare) bring together the gentle touch of nature, backed by TTK's extensive research.

TTK Healthcare has an All India Sales and Distribution network for marketing not only their own products, but also the KIWI Brand (Shoecare), Brylcreem (Haircare) and Kohinoor and Durex brands (Contraceptives). The Company also specializes in sales and distribution in India as a joint venture partner. It has a successful tie up with Sara Lee Household and Bodycare Pvt. Ltd. and TTK-LIG Ltd. The Company's distribution network comprises of 2800 redistribution stockists who cover both the urban and rural consumers.  ../downloads/UA%20II%20QR%2013-14.pdf

TTK Healthcare has three Strategic Business Units...
Pharamaceuticals Divison
Consumer Products Division
Biomedical Devices Division
Apart from the SBUs, their Satellite Divisions are

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