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Menopausal Care
Each soft gelatin capsule contains:
 • Soya isoflavones 40% 60mg
 • Evening Primrose oil 500mg
 • Lycopene 6% 10mg
 • Calcitriol B.P 0.25mcg

 • A unique combination of ingredients for the management of various conditions associated with the onset of menopause

 • Useful in the management of physiological, psychological and genito-urinary changes associated with the onset of menopause
 • Also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardio vascular disorders, cancer etc
 • The Soya Isoflavones in Climacter relieves hot flushes and night sweats, prevents osteoporosis and offers protection against cancer
 • Lycopene provides powerful antioxidant protection and decreases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases
 • Calcitriol enhances intestinal calcium absorption and improves bone mineral density (BMD), thereby preventing bone loss, osteoporosis and chances of a fracture
 • Evening Primrose Oil relieves depression and irritability, prevents itching, redness and scaling of skin. It also decreases pain due to arthritis, reduces cancer cell adhesion & motility and minimizes hair loss
 • As directed by the Physician

 • Box containing 3 strips of 10 capsules each

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