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Herbal Appetizer
Elcarim Drops
Each ml contains:
Total water soluble extracts derived from
 • Phyllanthus emblica 90 mg
 •  Terminalia chebula 4 mg
 • Embelia ribes 8 mg
 • Zingiber officinale 4 mg
 • Acorus calamus 3 mg
Elcarim Elixir
Each 5 ml contains:
 • Phyllanthus emblica 160 mg
 • Terminalia chebula 80 mg
 • Embelia ribes 15 mg
 • Zingiber officinale 7.5 mg
 • Acorus calamus 5 mg

 • Improves digestive function and thereby regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract
 • Offers carminative action that provides relief from G.I. colic in infants and children
 • Enhances appetite and promotes weight gain in patients with non-specific anorexia
 • Prevents flatulence and colic disorders
 • To stimulate appetite and improve digestion

 • As directed by the Physician

 • Elixir: Bottle containing 110 ml
 • Drops: Bottle containing 30 ml

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